Journey to Net Zero at What Cost? Tackling the Rising Tide of Negative Sentiment

In the Northeast, we are facing some of the steepest energy costs in the nation. Utility companies have ambitious goals for decarbonization to meet energy demands of customers and align with state and federal climate goals. The investments needed to revolutionize how we get our energy coupled with high prices due to war and unstable markets have wreaked havoc all over the world, not just the Northeast. 


As a response, utility companies have poured millions into catchy advertising campaigns, animated videos and conference speeches on clean energy being good for the environment and ways to curb energy usage. The average customer needs more than campaign slogans and polite wrist slaps to curb energy use. The videos fade away from memory when the next electric bill shows up or when the next headline reads that prices will be hiked up by 50%. 

What utility companies need today is real engagement. Showing up and enabling local efforts by advertising on promotional giveaways is a great way to tackle the negative sentiment that continues to build on runaway prices. While company staff may not be available for every town hall, local fair, farmers market, food bazaar, or community meeting, they can partner with organizers and share key messages through giveaways. These messages should be simple and not touting electrification, grid modernization, complex wind, solar, battery projects, but rather: Build a Better Tomorrow. 

In an era of increasing divisiveness, where the merits of any one technology will continue to be hammered because it can never offer the most complete solution, we need a message that resonates through the noise and distraction. We are on Earth for an appointed time, and what we need to stay focused on needs to be clear.

To the companies thinking about spending advertising dollars on more catchy videos, try the simple approach - give people products they love using every day and help them internalize the investment we are all collectively making in Building a Better Tomorrow. 

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